Lo-Yar Poh

Lo-Yar Thwar is available to install.

About Loyar Poh

Loyar Poh is one of the key features of the Loyar Application. Loyar Poh is the delivery Service of Loyar Application. Our users use delivery service on their phones with full control of parcel routing. We developed this Loyar Poh feature for safe delivery during Covid-19 and post-pandemic situations.

loyar poh
  • Loyar Poh Delivery service could use the whole Yangon region through the Loyar Application.
  • Loyar Poh Service has two features – Booking and immediate delivery service and day advance Pre-order collect and deliver service.
  • We could offer a service beyond delivery to your expectation.
  • Just make a call to access the Collect and Deliver service and just click on your phone to access the Immediate Delivery service.

Loyar Poh Services

We are using the delivery process with our Loyar Taxi. We deliver your product with the Loyar Taxi under all conditions. We offer a safe and fast delivery service for your parcels at fair and affordable prices.

  • We can offer your parcel safety from weather and other circumstances with our Loyar Taxi.

we care
  • We offer Zero Defect Delivery to your parcel.၊

give money
  • We would compensate your parcel value if we have damages on your Parcel.

fair price
  • We Offer Fair and Affordable Prices.

map marker
  • We offer Parcel tracking by using a loyar application on a real-time basis.

claim payment
  • We offer a cash collection service on your deliveries.

  • To protect against Covid-19,
    • - Our Loyar Taxi Driver always wearing Face Mask for Safety.
    • - Our Loyar Taxi Driver always Cleans taxis inside by using the Alcohol Spray after a safe delivery.

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