What is Lo-Yar?

LO-YAR is a km-based ride hailing mobile application, that is very first Taxi application of Myanmar, which's include 'APPLICATION BOOKING' and 'DELIVERY' with 'LAT-TAR' features developed by a Local Public Company Limited which is own by Myanmar Citizen.

Our application aims to provide a smart tool to facilitate the services provided and improve the communication with drivers and passengers. Our vision is to be a local ride-hailing leader that provides save time, easily to use, convenient, safe, reasonable price and trust service to our passengers and drivers.

Not just for our own profit, we are trying to implement that the Standard Taxi Fare for Taxi Drivers in Myanmar. We are providing taxi application that can offer fair prices, faster, safe and more quality services for both sides of Taxi Drivers and Passengers.

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LOYAR THWAR is km-based, so it is a pay-as-you-go system.You can choose the place you want to visit and make a booking through LOYAR application, and you can find estimate km and fare without using APPLICATION BOOKING and application. Stop the car with a LOYAR sticker and start Lat-tar in driver application to calculate the fare to the place they want to go. In addition, you can hail a LOYAR affiliated cab on the road and use the QR Scanner in the Passenger App to scan the QR code of the driver and enter the destination like in-app booking.


The DELIVERY service can be used with two types of DELIVERY system, which is an instant DELIVERY system that can collect and deliver goods through an application, and a DELIVERY system that can be delivered to many places in one group. In addition, you can scan the Driver QR code and find out the location and arrival time of the product while it is being delivered.


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